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Get a massage chair with air purifier and underfloor heating system inAzurelivingto make an alluring private space!

Doesn’t coming back to a warmcozy home make your life worth living? Well, it is time that you should bring about certain changes in your personal domain, to ensure that every moment spent at your little place is worthy living! Want a massage chair with air purifier and underfloor heatingsystem ?

Another very important aspect that needs to be taken care of is using branded products. In comparison to general products, it is branded products that help in maintaining the décor and pristine nature of one’s house. Azurelivingpresents a range of such products that would ensure that your home would get that much-required intimacy and clean environment.

From breathing in pure air to taking every step on a warm floor, a home is made of certain important gadgets.

Purifying the air within with air purifier:

Are you concerned about the quality of air in your home? Why not install a purifier that would help improve air quality in your home? Filtering the air of allergens, dust, pollen and animal dander to a great extent, it helps in creating better air quality.

While choosing anair purifier, people opt for High Efficiency Particulate Elimination (HEPA) filters that have better area coverage and removes close to 99.97% particles that are close to even 0.3 microns. With wider area coverage, it can trap dust and ensure a better air quality at every breath!

Also, these purifiers having a photocatalyst technology reacts with visible lights to disintegrate toxic substances. What is important to note is that, at what rate clean air is delivered, whether it has self-cleaning techniques, what extra features are incorporated into it, and what is the manufacturer’s reputation. Coming within a range of HK$200-1000, these purifiers are a necessity!

Incorporating the underfloor heating system:

Dated from Roman times, this is one mode of ensuring that your house does not lose out the heat of it to outside temperature. Azurelivingpresents a wide range of heating systems that ensures your personal domain a sense of warmth and environment-friendly flooring.

• Working via means of heat convection this supplies with heated water electric cables, mesh or film heaters. One can also choose polystyrene foam that comes with a thickness of 10-60 mm, saving close to 15% energy.

• This underfloor heating system can be used for a number of floors as vinyl, concrete, stone, wood and carpet.

• With usage of black carbon chemical touted with semiconductive technology, this is accident safe and prevents overheating.

An ancient method that contemporary world should look forth to, that too with a quality brand!

Why not take care of your body along with your house? Having amassage chairto ease your body is a must in present times.

Why a massage chair?

‘’The core of a healthy home is a healthy body!’’

With these chairs, your body can get that intense therapy that is required to ensure that your muscles get the required stretching. In comparison to limited therapy sessions, these chairs provide a person with flexibility of a massage at any point of time. These chairs are medically testedwith practical designs. Coming in a variety of colours and best of fabrics, they also help in enhancing décor of the house!

Clearly, one massage chairsurely can provide dual benefits!

Azurelivingis truly synonymous with metamorphosis, and its primary aim is to ensure that every corner of the house remains pure and cozy providing complete relief to individuals. With it, you can redefine living! What are you waiting for then? Check out its offerings!

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