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Everyone deserves a great home. Azureliving aims at providing you with a better home. Our target is to provide a Green, Healthy and Cozy living environment for our customers, to ensure that every customer gets a good balance between quality living  and comfortable environment.


Living - Lourdes

We love living. Our work is designing living. We cherish functionality and sensitivity.
For the functionality, the value and flexibility of the product are what concerns us the
most. We create products with shapes, colours and designs that contact directly we
your senses, hence sensitivity. We find a balance between both, and the functionality
and sensitivity of our massaging products are ensured.


Electronic Bidet – Novita

Novita, which is the winner of Korea’s First Brand prize for 11 consecutive years, is the
largest manufacturer of electronic bidet in Korea. And Novita brings different classes
of electronic bidet to Hong Kong which are Economy, Luxury & Intelligence. Novita
wants to be the globally renowned name in home and health-oriented products.


Shower – Azure

We spend 40% of average daily water consumption per capita just in a 10-minute
shower! Azure knows water! Through our research and development, we have

showers for filtration, water conservation and rich flow, to make you feel safe with
our filtering shower, to make you feel fresh with our eco-friendly shower, to make
you feel comfortable with our rich flow shower!


Water Filtration – Torayvino

Water is life. The human body is made up of 60% water, and must drink 1.2 liters of
it each day to survive. Using purifier remove all unnecessary components from tap
water, providing all the world’s people with water that is as safe and delicious as the
headwaters of a crystal stream. 



Air Purifier – Cado

In our design there are two main points: advanced technology and beautiful appearance.
Combined with these two main points that is the products of Cado. Cado's air purifier makes
user feel happy with elegant appearance. Besides the elegant appearance, we also focus
on the technical of performance. Cado aims to deliver the best environment for you. 




Underfloor Heating – Flextherm

Flextherm is synonym of innovation! Our research center os constantly looking for
advanced technologies and innovative processes in anticipation of market demands.
Our expertise is the result of the ongoing efforts of a dynamic, conscientious team that
is always striving to meet the most demanding standards and develop cutting-edge
solutions in the vanguard of the industry.