Check out filters of an Air Purifier to make the best buy!

Fighting environmental pollution is one of the biggest concerns in present times. The worst part that is associated with this concern is that unlike previous times, when this was restricted primarily to external zone, presently air pollution is becoming a matter of indoor concern as well. To address this issue of indoor air pollutants, one needs to make use of an Air Purifier, so that to a great extent one’s house remains free from pollutants.

Types of purifier:

Generally, there are various types of purifiers that are available. However, all of these do not suit requirements of one and all. So amongst this variety, people need to get that which is specifically suitable for them.

The first is the High-Efficiency Particulate Accumulation that uses woven glass particles to remove pollutants from theair. With its large surface area, a strong filter can be formed, and almost 99.7% pollutants can be removed.

Secondly, in case of an electronic purifier, microscopic particles are drawn inward using a fan and then charged with a high voltage wire. This removes 95% dust and close to 85% microscopic particles.

With a self-charging electrostatic purifier, synthetic fibres help in removing dust by creating astatic charge.

In case of theultraviolet light purifier, UV rays are passed by blowing air that reduces dust particles.

Finally with help of an ozone purifier, pollutants are oxidized and then ionized to remove them completely from surrounding air.

Thus, with these technologies, you are bound to get purified air in best possible manner.

Things to check before buying:

Before purchasing a proper purifier, there are a number of things that are to be taken into consideration.

One needs to be assured of the type of filters that are present in each of the Air Purifier.This will help a person to determine the actual need of the house and choose accordingly.

One should be aware of the ways in which these purifiers are to be maintained, their charges and total area coverage.

It is best on thepart of the homeowner, if he or she is aware of any allergy or any other issue associated with any person residing in that specific home.

Thus with this type of purifier, you can definitely breathe in a fresher air!

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Air Purifier

 Cado Logo 

Cado Air Purifier 1

Cado Philosophy

People are impressed by things with soul.

The creator attempts to breathe soul into the products, with the user in mind.


We, at Cado, cherish the soul.

We believe that by adding “soul” to the creation, a new value is born.


(Technology + Beauty) X Soul = Cado


The technology and beauty of things are deepened by the overwhelming power of soul.

Such an existence is akin to arranging a single flower to fill a space.

It’s not the power to rule the space, but the affection to snuggle up to it.

Just by having it, the space becomes rich – it’s that kind of existence.


Cado aims for performance to boast of around the world.

Cado aims for beauty in everything. Cado brings you passion.


Everything we do is to deliver the best environment for you.

Cado Air Purifier 2

*Tested by AHAM on CADR with Cado model AP-C700 on Nov 2012.



Cado Air Purifier

The world No.1* beautiful air

Cado air purifier AP-C700 won the highest value at the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CARD), indicator of international standard to represent the amount of clean air an air purifier supplies per minute and was developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). Cado produces the purest air in the world and promises the reliable performance.


*Tested by AHAM on CADR with Cado model AP-C700 on Nov 2012.

Cado Air Purifier

Self-cleaning filter with new type of photocatalyst

Our own photoclea system combines the excellent absorption ability of activated carbon and a new type of photocatalyst technology that reacts to visible lights to disintegrate harmful substances. This self-cleaning ability enables the filter to last longer. Compare to the traditional UV light photocatalyst, it is safer to your health.

Cado Air Purifier

Never miss PM2.5

PM2.5 has been a concern on human health in recent years. It is refer to the particles with approximately 2.5μm in diameter. Cado air purifier filter is able to catch substance that is as small as 0.09μm. We will never miss any PM2.5.

Cado Air Purifier


Room size: -107m² 

Rated power consumption:
Min: 12W / Max: 180W 

Sound level:Min: 34dBA /Max:59dBA 

Dimensions: W423 x D297 x H714mm


Room size: -50m² 

Rated power consumption: 
Min: 10W / Max: 94W 

Sound level:
Min: 28dBA / Max: 59dBA  

Dimensions: W350 x D230 x H580mm


Room size: -36m² 

Rated power consumption: 
Min: 6W / Max: 33W 

Sound level:
Min: 29dBA / Max: 59dBA 

Dimensions: W242 x D242 x H652mm

AP-C110/ C100

Room size: -20m² 

Rated power consumption: 
Min: 0.2W / Max: 1.5W 

Sound level:
Min: 30dBA / Max: 61dBA

Dimensions: W242 x D242 x H308mm


Room size: /

Rated power consumption: 
Min: 0.2W / Max: 0.4W 

Sound level:
Min: 30dBA / Max: 40dBA 

Dimensions: Dia.66 x H180mm

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