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Electronic Bidet

Novita, which is the winner of Korea’s First Brand prize for 11 consecutive years, is the largest manufacturer of electronic bidet in Korea. And Novita brings 3 different classes of electronic bidet to Hong Kong which are Economy, Luxury & Intelligence. Novita electronic bidet cleans your personal area by the warm ionic filtered water through stainless steel nozzle, and also with personalized cleansing mode and adjustable water and seat temperature. Novita Electronic Bidet must be a smart choice for pleasant day-to-day lives.

novita featues


 100% Clean and Care

1- Two-nozzle-in-one-pocket Design 
Two nozzles are placed in upper and lower part of a pocket for accurate positioning.

2- Detachable Nozzle
Ag-nano significantly inhibits bacterial growth.

3- Self-cleaning System
Nozzle is self-cleaned with silver oxide water, more hygienic use of product is ensured.

4- Ionic Filter
Impurities in the water will be filtered. 



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Delicate Care

1- Air Bubble Cleansing
Increase the cleansing power while reducing water consumption. 

2- Child Cleansing Mode
Nozzle is extended by 1cm from its full extension for more accurate cleansing.

3- Heated Seat
No problems on using the toilet during cold weather. 

4- Infrared Ray Sensor
All functions will be actuated when the toilet seat is occupied.



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Safety Design

1- Electric Leakage Circuity Breaker
Built-in electric leakage breaker automatically shuts off power in case of electric leakage.

2- Water-proofing
Designed to staisfy IPX4 standard. 

3- Water Tank with Safety System
Temperature fuse works to cut electricity to prevent a fire from breaking out.

4- Power Saving Mode 
Two power saving modes for different uses. 



For product details, please visit www.novita.com.hk

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