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Green Line Showering

The main signature of Green Line is its water-saving design which maintains the maximum flow rate at 9L/min. Green Line provides you a green life with the essential Azure design: Green, safe and comfortable. Our green effort has been awarded the Voluntary Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme Grade 1 by Hong Kong Water Supplies Department.

We care about Green!

The below chart show how Azure Green Line Product saving water.

How many Liters of water does the shower take for a minute? 

Using Azure Green Line Product reducing 7 liters of water per minute, so when take shower  for 10 minutes with less 70 liters of water, Less 40% water consumption!!

Green Technology

‧ Control and maintain water flow at 9L/min

‧ Engineered with great water sensation

‧ Water saving technique from Germany

‧ Awarded Grade 1 of WELS by HKWSD

‧ Bright chrome finish for extra protection

‧ Easily cleaned nozzles

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