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Health Line Showering

The design of the filter in our Health Line brings you chlorine-free water for showering, which helps protect us from skin allergies and hair damage. The filter not only removes chlorine from the water, but the impurities as well. Our Health Line stresses on one basic but vital concern: your Healthy Life, our Healthy Line.


How chlorine affects your health?

‧ Stays and is absorbed by the skin

‧ Blocks skin from breathing

‧ Dries skin

‧ Weakens hair

‧ Irritates eys

‧ Evaporates into air from heat

‧ Causes problems in the respiration system (e.g. asthma)

‧ Cause skin problems



How does our Health Line work?

‧ With patented material CHLORGON™

‧ Filters out chlorine in the shower water

‧ Absorbs impurities through tiny holes

‧ Frees your skin from chlorine

‧ Removes chlorine, dirt and odors

‧ Protects you from dry skin, flaking scalp and brittle hair

‧ Filter imported form the USA


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