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Water Filtration

Water is life. The human body is made up of 60% water, and must drink 1.2 liters of it each day to survive. 
Using purifier remove all unnecessary components from tap water, providing all the world’s people with water that is as safe and delicious as the headwaters of a crystal stream. 

First launched in 1986, TORAYVINO® filters have now become the most famous* water purifiers in Japan.
At Toray, we are working each day to develop TORAYVINO® products that will offer even better performance, functionality, and design to the consumers.
*Latest Toray Brand Survey (2012)

The 4-stage filtration, effectively remove 16 materials*

1- Prescreen
 Removes rust, sediments and bigger particles.

2- Granular activated carbon (GAC)
TORAYVINO® water purifier use high-performance activated carbon in its filter. The granular activated
carbon has a tremendous number of cracks and holes on the surface that absorb unpleasant smells of
water; it removes the chlorine smell and residual chlorine and other chemicals to make tasety water.

3- Second screen
Ensures rust, sediments and bigger particles removal.

4- Hollow fiber membrane fliter
Toray’s advanced multilayer hollow fiber membrane filters remove rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli,
microorganisms and microscopic impurities from water and other liquid solutions without removing calcium,
magnesium and other minerals essential to the human body. 
The same membrane technology is used in
dialyzer to purify blood in the medical field.

*Note: Experimental results show that the unit removes 99.99% of bacteria, meeting the Japan Water Purifier
Association (JWPA) voluntary Standards for Water Purifiers.

 *Effectively remove 16 materials, including:


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